The Inside View:
frank opinions and insightful comment

The readers of Rail Insider are a knowledgeable group of men and women. They hold senior positions in railway companies, the rail industry supply chain and local and national government.

They also hold strong opinions on what the industry is doing, what it should be doing, and where it needs to go in the future.

The Inside View, a regular column on Rail Insider that is publicised by a dedicated newsletter, gives them the chance to express those views and start a debate amongst leaders in the industry.

The views expressed are those of the individual writers.  All we ask is that they are polite and stay on the topic of the railway industry. We leave how contentious their comments are, and how many established views they challenge, up to them. It all makes for good reading!

So look out for The Inside View – coming to your mailbox from one of the railway industry’s most informed sources.

If you have an opinion that you feel would be of interest to The Inside View and its 7,000+ readers, then please get in touch. 

Your submission may well be edited, to put them into the house style, but the views and opinions would be strictly yours.  However, please be polite and respectful and stay on topic.

Rail Insider reserves the right to decline to publish an offering that, in the editor’s opinion, doesn’t fit the ethos of this regular column.

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frank opinions and insightful comment"

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