Doncaster’s Friars Gate Road bridge reopened

Friars Gate Road bridge, Doncaster, can now accommodate taller vehicles and has improved pedestrian walkways.

Friarsgate Road bridge, in Doncaster, has been reopened following a £1.75 million rebuild to both strengthen it and to accommodate larger vehicles.

Network Rail is working to expand its Marshgate depot, which will see the current buildings demolished and new, more modern and larger facilities created, which could create hundreds more jobs in Doncaster, providing benefits to the local economy.

As part of this project, work has taken place to Friarsgate Road bridge, which connects Grey Friars and Church View roads to Friarsgate car park and Chappell Drive industrial estate. The bridge has been strengthened, widened and raised to accommodate taller and larger vehicles. The bridge work has now been completed.

Friars Gate Road bridge before work started.

This bridge work has been partly funded by local growth funding of £750,000, with Network Rail contributing £1million to the project. The improvements now mean that HGVs can use the bridge, creating two routes into the industrial estate as opposed to just one.

Work has also taken place to create two new walkways for pedestrians, improve drainage and install new lighting, all of which will improve safety and making using the bridge much more pleasant.

Damian Ross, Network Rail.

Network Rail special projects manager Damian Ross said: “We are absolutely delighted that a key stage of our work to improve Marshgate Depot is now complete and we can move on to the next stage of the project.

“This is a multimillion-pound investment which will provide a significant boost to the economy and support hundreds more jobs.  We have worked closely with both Doncaster City Council and the Sheffield City Region and will continue to do so as our work progresses.”

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster.

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster, added: “These important bridge improvements support Network Rail’s new depot and boost Doncaster’s position as a strategic rail location encouraging more growth in the rail and infrastructure sector. 

“The scheme is also important for unlocking further commercial development around our markets area providing more opportunities for private sector investment and regeneration which will deliver jobs and growth for our borough.”

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