Improvements planned for all 247 stations in Wales

Improvements are planned for all 247 stations in Wales, including here at Swansea.

Welsh railway stations are due for a major makeover under plans released by Transport for Wales.

A £194 million investment plan has been agreed that will improve all 247 railway stations across Wales. It is an ambitious programme that will deliver free Wi-Fi, enhanced shelters, CCTV, more cycle storage and improved passenger information at every station.

Llandovery is typical of many of the stations
that will benefit from TfW’s improvement plans.

Where possible, Transport for Wales will also create new retail facilities, presenting opportunities for local businesses and work in partnership to develop community spaces at stations.

As part of its Station Improvement Vision, Transport for Wales (TfW) will also create at least 1,500 additional car parking spaces across the network, making it easier for people to leave their car and use public transport.

To enhance accessibility across the network, eleven Access for All schemes, which include the installation of footbridges with lifts or ramps, are planned for delivery by 2024, part-funded by the UK Department for Transport.

The improvements will also include expanding the Secure Station Accreditation programme, in conjunction with the British Transport Police, to make stations safer and more welcoming for customers.

As part of its plans to reinvest into local communities, TfW has held events and workshops aimed at small and medium enterprises in Wales, providing opportunities for them to bid for work linked to the Station Improvement Vision.

James Price, Transport for Wales.

TfW chief executive officer James Price said: “Transport for Wales is transforming transport throughout Wales and the launch of our Station Improvement Vision indicates the start of a £194 million investment programme. This investment into all our 247 railway stations will improve the way they look, make them safer and provide more commercial and community opportunities.

“We want to improve the overall customer experience and also work collaboratively to develop partnerships with local businesses and communities.”

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