Lorry smashes through level crossing barriers at Hartlebury, Worcestershire

Captured on CCTV, the moment a lorry broke the level crossing barriers at Hartlebury, Worcestershire.

Network Rail has released CCTV footage of a lorry smashing through closing level-crossing barriers at Hartlebury, Worcestershire.

The vehicle, a white, unbranded small lorry, failed to stop at flashing red lights, completely severing one barrier from it’s mechanism and leaving it lying in the road.

Video of the incident was released on twitter:

The incident happened just before 10:00 on Friday 22 November 2019. The British Transport Police has appealed for witnesses.

The broken barrier lies beside the road.

Engineers immediately set out to repair the damaged barriers, using a new toolkit that sped up the process. Repairs were complete by 14:30. However, trains between Kidderminster and Stourbridge were delayed by the incident.

Network Rail engineers fixing the
level crossing after a lorry broke
the barriers.

A Network Rail spokesperson said: “Barriers at our crossings are there to keep motorists and train passengers safe.

“This lorry driver damaged our crossing, delayed train passengers and put their life and the lives of others at risk.

“Although it might be tempting to jump the lights or race through the barriers our message is simple – just wait. Better to be safe than sorry.”

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