Italo AGV’s cover 100 million kilometres

The NTV Italo fleet of Alstom AGV trains has now covered 100 million kilometres operating very-high-speed services in Italy.

The fleet of 25 AGV trains operated in Italy by NTV (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori) under the Italo brand has now completed 100 million kilometres since entering service in April 2012.

The AGV very-high-speed trains run at speeds of 300km/h (186mph) on Italy’s high-speed lines. NTV is the country’s open access operator on these routes, competing against state-owned Trenitalia with its Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) 1000 service.

Italo’s AGV (Automotrice à grande vitesse) trains, now branded by Alstom as part of the Avelia family, have been supplemented by eight non-tilting Pendolino train sets to cover the entire national high-speed network, connecting a total of 25 Italian cities and 30 railway stations with 116 daily services.

Laurent Jarsalé, Alstom.

Laurent Jarsalé, vice-president of Alstom’s mainlines platform, said: “We are immensely proud that our trains have covered such a distance and transported so many passengers since beginning service. Add to that the Avelia Pendolino trains more recently delivered to NTV, and we have proof of the importance of high-speed rail services and Alstom’s unique ability to accompany its customers in the domain.”

The AGV has an articulated design, with one bogie shared between two cars, which allows the cars to be 100mm wider than trains with the conventional two bogies per car. The windows are also larger than on many other very-high-speed trains, giving the interiors a brighter, more spacious look.

Designed as a ‘hollow tube’, the interiors can be completely remodelled if required and if demand changes during the train’s estimated life of about 30 years.

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