Bombardier to overhaul Regina trains in Sweden

Bombardier Transportation will refurbish 59 of AB Transitio's fleet of Regina EMUs.

AB Transitio, Sweden’s rail vehicle leasing company, has reached an agreement with Bombardier Transportation covering the heavy maintenance and refurbishment of 59 of the company’s 63 Regina electric multiple unit (EMU) trains.

The SEK 280 million (£22 million) covers a period of five years. Deliveries of the newly refurbished trains are planned to start in mid-2020 and will continue until mid-2024.

Regina trains were built by Bombardier (and its previous iteration Adtranz) between 2000 and 2013 at Kalmar, Sweden, and Henningsdorf, Germany. 109 were delivered in total to various lines in Sweden, two and three-car consists (X50-X54 variants) built at Kalmar and four-car X55 units, also known as SJ 3000, built in Germany.

The new heavy maintenance contract covers 54 two-car and five three-car units. The upgrades will include changing the interior carpets, applying fresh exterior paint, refurbishing the passenger seats, and installing new interior lighting, an additional pantograph with control equipment and new headlights.

Fitting a new pantograph will form part of the overhaul.
Marina Sundman,
Bombardier Transportation.

Marina Sundman, Bombardier’s chief commercial officer in the Nordics region, said: “With this new contract, Bombardier is expanding its services footprint in Sweden by maintaining the Regina EMU trains operated by regional and private rail authorities, as well as refurbishing these trains to bring safe and reliable service to over millions of passengers across Sweden every year.

“We are proud to deepen our long-term relationship with AB Transitio and we are more committed than ever to delivering our range of service solutions to help customers maximize value from their assets.”

This project reinforces Bombardier’s position as an important player in Sweden’s rail industry. As well as vehicle overhaul and maintenance, the company is a leading supplier of metros, trams, high speed trains, signalling systems and other services.

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