Successful milestone for Danish signalling programme

Alstom is undertaking a major ERTMS installation in Denmark.

The first line in Denmark to be equipped with both ERTMS (European Railway Traffic Management System) trackside and on-board signalling solutions and to be fully integrated with the Alstom’s traffic management system (TMS) has opened.

The Early Deployment Line North runs from Roskilde to Köge in Eastern Denmark. It is a little over 20km long and the fleet running on the line consists of 12 trains, owned by DSB (Danske Statsbaner – Danish State Railways).

Denmark is currently replacing its entire railway signalling system with ETCS level 2 baseline 3 – Banedanmark is the first infrastructure owner in Europe to do so on a national scale.

As part of this programme, Alstom is replacing the existing signalling system with ERTMS on approximately 800km of railway in the eastern part of Denmark. So far, Alstom has equipped over 100km with Alstom ERTMS trackside solutions. The opening of the Roskilde to Köge line – the first to be fitted with the fully integrated system – marks a significant milestone for the programme.

ERTMS display fitted to a train cab.

Alstom also holds the contract to equip the entire Danish fleet of approximately 350 trains with Atlas on-board equipment. Already, 20 per cent of the fleet has been successfully converted and several major operators including DSB, Arriva and Nordjyske Jernbaner, are running commercial operations with ERTMS systems installed on-board their trains.

On lines where trackside ERTMS has yet to be installed, trains run with a legacy signalling system, also supplied by Alstom.

The third element of the ERTMS system, apart from the lineside equipment and the on-board kit, is the traffic management system. The system that Alstom is supplying across Zealand, Fyn, and Jutland includes several advanced functions developed specially for mainline railway lines, making it the first of its kind.

Emmanuel Henry, managing director of Alstom Denmark, commented: “We are extremely proud to have delivered this milestone for the Danish signalling program roll-out. Alstom has supplied a fully digital system, providing a more efficient rail system, allowing larger capacity while guaranteeing the highest levels of safety.”

In 2018, during testing of the ERTMS trackside installation on Denmark’s first high speed line, from Copenhagen to Ringsted, Alstom set a new railway speed record for Denmark at 255km/h.

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