Mossley Hill footbridge in Liverpool to be replaced

Mossley Hill footbridge, Liverpool, will be replaced in Spring 2020.

Network Rail is about to replace a railway footbridge near Mossley Hill station in Liverpool that is well-used by the local community.

The bridge, which connects Elmsley Road and Bridge Road in Mossley Hill, will be closed from 17 February to 10 May 2020 while the work is carried out.

So as to cause as little disruption to the railway as possible, the existing stairs and over-bridge will be removed in sections and the foundations for the replacement will be constructed in stages.

Nathaly Oshodin, Network Rail.

The new footbridge itself will be lifted in by crane over Easter weekend.

Scheme project manager Nathaly Oshodin said: “We worked with the local council to consult with residents on our future plans for the footbridge in April last year.

“We’re investing almost £1 million to replace Mossley Hill railway footbridge, as part of the Great North Rail Project, to make sure it remains safe and reliable for the local community for years to come.”

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