Scotrail train given the ‘Stay At Home’ message

A train with a message - Scotrail's Class 385 at Glasgow Central.

Photos have been doing the rounds of a ScotRail Class 385 after it had suffered a graffiti attack. 

The train had been parked overnight at Wemyss Bay station, where it was attacked by a graffiti artist with a social message.

The new paint job urges people to stay home and not travel, though the artist or artists themselves were obviously out at night!

The train travelled empty from Wemyss Bay to Glasgow Central – external cameras had been damaged by the graffiti.

The provenance of the photos is unclear.  They were taken at Glasgow Central station, and at least one that was posted on Twitter has been credited to John McGowan.  Others have been used in various posts, including by STV and a policeman, but they are uncredited.

Many comments online suggest that the new look, complete with its message that reinforces government policy, should be retained.  However, an unimpressed Scotrail spokesperson stated the train couldn’t be used in its current condition until safety equipment had been cleaned.

Asked how it travelled from Wemyss Bay to Glasgow, Scotrail replied: “The driver can run the train without passengers – damage has been done to cameras which are there for public safety.”

So, there you have it. At a time when train companies are earning no fares as passenger numbers are so reduced, and the government is carrying the can, someone now has to clean off a Class 385. Vandalism is a crime and should never be condoned.

Still, one can’t help but agree with the message…

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