Siemens launches COVID-19 aid fund with CEO personally pledging €1 million

Siemens president Joe Kaeser will personally donate €1 million to the company's COVID-19 fund.

To help relief organizations and medical facilities worldwide, as well as to individuals impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, Siemens has set up an aid fund to be administered by its community-serving, non-profit organisation Siemens Caring Hands.

The managing board of Siemens AG has announced it will match all monetary donations made to Caring Hands that state ‘COVID-19’ as the purpose of the gift. So, for every Euro donated, the company will donate the same amount to Caring Hands, which will then channel the funds to those who need them most “without red tape”.

Joe Kaeser, president and CEO of Siemens AG, made the announcement. “Both medically and socially, COVID-19 is a challenge of a kind that the world as a whole has never seen before in peacetime,” he said. “Now, acting responsibly is more important than ever – for our company’s future, for the health and economic security of our workforce and business partners, but also for the cohesion of societies around the world.

“Many people have helped make us the strong, successful company we are today. And now we want to help those who are doing excellent work, day in and day out, in serving the sick and needy during this time of crisis.

“That’s why I’m calling on our management and employees worldwide to donate generously. Every euro counts. I want to start things off by personally contributing €1 million.”

Members of Siemens’ managing board and senior management will also have the option of forgoing vacation time, in which case Siemens will then donate the value of their time to the fund.

Siemens Caring Hands is a charitable association that was founded by Siemens AG in 2001, initially to provide direct, uncomplicated assistance to victims of the September 11 attacks. As a non-profit organisation, it will use the COVID-19 donations to support coordinated projects and aid programs and to buy urgently needed products. Its goal is to deliver aid, rapidly and unbureaucratically, to people affected by the coronavirus pandemic worldwide.

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