Northern trains rebranded to honour NHS heroes

Northern train 195111 has been named 'Key Worker'.

Four Northern trains have been given a new look, and one has been renamed ‘Key Worker’, to celebrate the incredible work of all NHS staff for their efforts in helping to tackle coronavirus.

Angela Burke, conductor team manager at Northern, came up with the idea. “I’ve been watching the news and have been touched by many of the small and large gestures that have brought communities together,” she explained. “During my daily walks, I’ve seen many signs and rainbows in windows and realised, as a nation, we clearly want to say ‘thank you’.

“My thought was – how can we spread the message further across the communities for everyone to see?

Northern’s Angela Burke with the new livery that thanks the NHS.

“I am absolutely delighted that this idea has been taken up and a massive thank you to all the team that have put this together. It looks amazing and naming one of our new trains Key Worker is fantastic.”

Northern took Angela’s idea and worked with Aura Brand Solution to make it a reality, putting the new design on four trains (195111, 3310110, 331109 and 158860) and naming 195111 ‘Key Worker’.

Aura Brand Solutions’ technicians applying the new graphics.
Tim Locke, Aura Brand Solutions.

Aura Brand Solutions rail director Tim Locke added: “It’s been an honour to work on this project with Northern to show our support for the fantastic work the NHS is doing.

“It’s really nice to see so many different teams rallying together during these difficult times to highlight the great work carried out by the country’s key workers.

“Here at Aura Brand Solutions we have remained operational to enable our customers to provide essential services in particular for the core transport infrastructure and emergency services.”

The re-liveried trains will be out and about on network lending visible support and encouragement to NHS staff and all key workers across the north of England.

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