Servelec Technologies and Primayer come together as Ovarro

Sister companies Servelec Technologies and Primayer have combined to form Ovarro.

Ovarro is the new name for Servelec Technologies, a leader in remote telemetry units, secure SCADA systems and Data Analytics software, and sister company Primayer, which specialises in leak detection technology.

The two companies have come together into a single, innovative, customer-focused technology provider that will concentrate on connecting technologies to improve the efficiency, security, sustainability and profitability of its customers.

The company believes that adopting a single, unified identity will benefit customers by providing them with a wider range of end-to-end solutions for data collection, processing, monitoring and controlling critical and national infrastructure. The new unified organisation can tackle a diverse range of challenges, from water network leak detection and leak location through to monitoring of liquid and gas distribution networks, telecommunications, power and transport assets.

Ovarro’s technology is trusted for use on assets in some of the world’s most remote and inhospitable environments, including market-leading technologies such as TBox and Kingfisher RTU platforms. For more than 40 years, the company’s hardware and software products, systems, and consultancy services have been used by the world’s leading companies across sectors such as water & wastewater management, oil & gas, transportation, communications & broadcast, and energy.

David Frost, Ovarro.

Announcing the change, Ovarro chief executive officer David Frost said: “The rebrand represents a significant step forward in our company’s evolution. After the last couple of years of exciting growth and bringing the knowledge and expertise of two successful businesses together, I am delighted to introduce our new brand name and identity.

“Ovarro is the new name for Servelec Technologies and Primayer. Our technology continues to monitor and control critical, national infrastructure throughout the world, now under one brand.

“Over the last 40 years, our brand ethos has always been built on trust, industry knowledge and experience – and we are now subtly adopting our approach as we invest in our technology solutions of the future.”

Marketing manager James Brook explained the origin of the new name: “Ovarro comes from Varro (Roman scholar Marcus Terentius Varro, 116–27 BC), who was the first person to identify the engineering ingenuity, near perfect efficiency and symmetrical collaboration of the honeycomb structure or hexagonal grid.

“We simply added the ‘O’ to represent the world and the fact that our solutions span the globe – connecting technologies that advance productivity, safety and environmental performance.”

Varro’s hexagon grid features in the design of the company’s new logo.

The company will continue to be headquartered in Sheffield, UK, with offices in Reigate and Denmead in the UK as well as Melbourne (Australia), Waterloo (Belgium), Calgary (Canada), Lyon (France), Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Malaysia.

The Servelec Technologies and Primayer brands will be gradually phased out during the rest of the year and be fully retired by December 2020, although all the individual product branding within each businesses’ product portfolio will remain unchanged. 

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