Stadler buys VIPCO – now Stadler Mannheim

VIPCO has pioneered the use of electronics in extreme conditions for the last 20 years.

Train manufacturer Stadler has taken over VIPCO, based in Manheim, Germany, where a team of 50 engineers has, for over 20 years, pioneered the use of electronics in harsh conditions, particularly in the field of transportation.

As well as this facility in Mannheim, VIPCO has offices in Kassel and Halle.
Jure Mikolčić, Stadler Germany.

The renamed Stadler Mannheim, with facilities in Mannheim, Kassel and Halle, will focus mainly on the development of software and hardware components for train control systems, automation, communication and diagnostic systems for the whole Stadler Group. 

As well as supply systems for new build, Stadler Mannheim will also look at retrofitting these technologies to older trains to extend their operational lives.

Jure Mikolčić, CEO of Stadler Germany, said: “We are really pleased to have gained in the number of highly competent experts in Germany through the Stadler Mannheim GmbH team.

Albrecht Teich, Stadler Mannheim.

“This step helps us follow our path to focus more on expanding our in-house expertise in elementary fields for the railway industry such as further digitalisation and modernisation of vehicles.”

Albrecht Teich, who was managing director of VIPCO and is staying on in the same role with Stadler Mannheim, added: “After long-standing and very successful collaboration in many projects, we are proud to now be part of Stadler and be able to further develop and incorporate our technologies within the company.”

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