Embankment work in Cumbria almost complete

The embankment north of Oxenholme in Cumbria was badly damaged during a storm in 2015. Repairs are now almost complete.

Network Rail is investing £3.5 million to protect the main line between Oxenholme and Carlisle in Cumbria from landslips and provide more reliable journeys for passengers.

Engineers are upgrading the embankments, making them less steep and the ground more secure at two stretches of railway – one located north of Oxenholme, which was badly damaged during Storm Desmond in December 2015, and the other just south of Carlisle. The work is due to complete in June 2020.

The embankments are constructed from a mix of ash and local material excavated from nearby cuttings, which in these two areas are predominantly taken from glacial deposits – known as Devensian Till.

Project manager Richard Hockney said: “Our teams have worked hard to secure a total of 1.5km of embankment over the last few months, working around challenges brought on by Covid-19.

“I’m proud to be delivering more reliable journeys for passengers and freight services using this vital stretch of railway in Cumbria.”

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