New Spanish high-speed operator ILSA orders 23 Frecciarossa 1000 trains

Spanish operator ILSA has ordered 23 Frecciarossa 1000 trains for its new high-speed service in Spain.

Independent Spanish train operator Intermodalidad de Levante SA (ILSA) has placed a €797 million order with Hitachi and Bombardier to supply 23 very high-speed Frecciarossa 1000 trains for use on the Madrid-Barcelona, Madrid-Valencia/Alicante and Madrid-Seville/Malaga lines from 2022.

ILSA, a joint venture established by Trenitalia and Operador Ferroviario de Levante, has been accepted by Spain’s rail infrastructure company ADIF as the first private ‘open access’ operator to be granted access to the Spanish rail market.

The Frecciarossa 1000, also known as an ETR 1000 (Hitachi) or a V300 Zefiro (Bombardier), has been in service in Italy since 2015.

The Frecchiarossa (Red Arrow) 1000 train has been in service with Italian state operator Trenitalia since 2015. Capable of speeds up to 360km/h, it is a product of Hitachi Rail (formerly AnsaldoBreda) and Bombardier Transportation.

Andrew Barr, Hitachi Rail.

Andrew Barr, Group CEO of Hitachi Rail, said: “The ETR1000 train, widely known commercially as the Frecciarossa 1000, has transformed passenger transport on high-speed lines in Italy, setting the standard and becoming the fastest and most admired train in Europe.

“It is a platform that we are very proud of and is proof of our continuous and positive collaboration with Trenitalia to the benefit of passengers and society in terms of comfort, sustainability, style, performance and low noise.

“We look forward to bringing the same advantages to Spain, and to contribute to the development program of high-speed railway services in this country with these new services.”

Marco Biffoni,
Bombardier Transportation.

Marco Biffoni, head of sales for Bombardier Transportation in Italy, added: “We are delighted that Trenitalia has put its confidence in Bombardier and Hitachi once again with this order for 23 trains based on Bombardier’s V300 Zefiro platform.

“This innovative, super-fast train is already extremely popular with passengers in Italy and we’re looking forward to bringing this outstanding high-speed travel experience to millions of rail passengers in Spain.”

The 23 new Frecciarossa 1000 trains for ILSA will be designed and built by Hitachi Rail and Bombardier in Italy. Each train will be approximately 200 metres long with capacity for around 460 passengers, who will be able to enjoy Wi-Fi, a bistro area and high levels of comfort in all classes.

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