Mechan’s new bogie lifters requested by customer

A pair of bogie lifters during factory acceptance testing at Mechan Sheffield with Siemens Mobility personnel (left to right) production manager Michael Hill, technician Andy Sawyer and facilities manager Kate Blessing.

Mechan, the specialist manufacturer of jacks and lifting equipment for railway depots, has developed a new product – because a customer asked for it!

The Sheffield-based company was approached by longstanding client Siemens Mobility to design and manufacture a set of 22 bogie lifters for its bogie overhaul facility in Lincoln.

A pair of bogie lifters is used to raise a bogie frame to a comfortable height so that maintenance and repairs can take place underneath. They work in synchronised pairs to grip the bogie securely and lift it to a desired height, within a fine tolerance, and are designed to allow maximum clearance around the frame, giving operators access to all areas when dismantling and reassembling the unit.

Siemens Mobility needed a set to replace aging equipment and the two firms worked together to perfect the design.

The new lifters are now installed at Siemens Mobility in Lincoln, where they are used to service bogies from the Eurostar, Desiro and Thameslink trains. It is the first time Mechan has supplied Siemens’ Lincoln facility, although its equipment is in use at eight of the firm’s other UK sites.

Lindsey Mills, Mechan.

Lindsey Mills, Mechan’s sales manager, said: “Siemens Mobility approached us about designing bogie lifters because of our reputation for high-quality equipment. Thanks to our existing relationship, the client also knows we have the inhouse skills to deliver exactly to its specification.

“Many depots use bogie rotators to raise a frame and they have been a staple in our product portfolio for many years, but we are pleased to now be offering the sector a cost-effective alternative, when there is no need for the bogie to revolve.”

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