Alstom commissions new signalling on Argentina’s San Martín line

Alstom's new signalling system covers five kilometres of the San Martín line in Buenos Aires, including its new viaduct.

The opening of the new San Martín Viaduct in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has also marked the introduction of a new digital signalling system that has been installed by Alstom to control rail traffic over the five-kilometre section between the stations of Palermo and Villa del Parque.

Autopistas Urbanas SA (AUSA) contracted Alstom to provide a signalling system for the new viaduct that would be fully compatible with the possible future electrification of the San Martín Line.

Alstom’s work included carrying out the design and development, installation, testing and commissioning of the new signalling system, maintaining the required safety levels, quality and availability for the installation of the new interlockings on the five-kilometre stretch between the Palermo and La Paternal stations.

The San Martín viaduct through Buenos Aires has eased road congestion by eliminating 11 busy level crossings.

The new system features a modern control workstation at La Paternal, new electro-hydraulic points machines, new LED signal heads and new audio-frequency track circuits. In the future, this will allow for an increase capacity on the line by reducing headway while maintaining safe operating procedures.

Ernesto Garberoglio,
Alstom Argentina.

Ernesto Garberoglio, managing director of Alstom Argentina, said: “This was a different project for everyone. We were used to working inside subway tunnels, but the viaduct project was completely different. We faced the Covid-19 pandemic, adverse weather conditions and high-altitude work with a high risk, but we overcame all the obstacles we encountered.

“I would also highlight the willpower, experience and leadership of this Alstom team to make the best decisions in the most adverse situations on the project, and always with a sense of urgency,”

Alstom Argentina employed a total of 50 workers on the project and will provide technical support for a period of 15 months.

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