Borders Railway – five years on

Borders Railway was opened by HM The Queen five years ago - on 9 September 2015.

Five years to the day since Her Majesty The Queen opened the Borders Railway between Edinburgh, Midlothian, and Tweedbank in the Scottish Borders on 9 September 2015, the Campaign for Borders Rail continues to argue the case for extension of the line, onwards through Hawick to Carlisle.

Shankend viaduct, six miles south of Hawick, is on the route to Carlisle that the Campaign for Borders Rail wants to reopen.

In celebration of the first five years, and in support of the growing calls for extension, the campaign has collaborated in producing a video documentary that involves all the main players in the existing project, and the decision makers who will sign off on a completely restored mainline through the Borderlands.

Simon Walton,
Campaign for Borders Rail.

Chairman of the Campaign for Borders Rail, Simon Walton, said: “We would love to be recreating the fantastic scenes at Tweedbank, when The Queen opened the line and brought opportunity back to the Borders.

“Under the current circumstances, we cannot, of course, do that, but we have brought together representatives from every viewpoint, to tell the story of the existing Borders Railway, and make the case for extension, through Hawick to Carlisle.

“Stuart Cameron has been itching to do a really definitive, very much up to date, look at the Borders Railway, completed only days before the anniversary.

“These circumstances have presented the perfect opportunity. Our Borders Railway Five Years On DVD set is a real lasting souvenir, and something that involves everybody who cares for the railway, the Borders, and the community at large.”

The four DVD box set, available for sale on the campaign’s website,  features a brand new, professionally produced documentary, and a never-before-seen real-time drivers’ eye view of a complete run from Tweedbank to Edinburgh Waverley.

It also re-visits producer Stuart Cameron’s in-depth telling of the construction story of the Borders Railway, from start to finish.

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