Serious signalling problems at Birmingham Snow Hill

Services through Birmingham Snow Hill station are being affected by signalling failures for the second time in a week.

Passengers using Birmingham Snow Hill station are being inconvenienced for the second time in a week as Network Rail is beset by signalling problems.

On Monday 21 September 2020, passengers were advised that West Midlands Railway had introduced an emergency timetable following a serious signalling fault which had occurred that morning and was affecting services via Birmingham Snow Hill.

On Tuesday, the operator continued to run a reduced service as the problem had not yet been fixed. However, repairs were expected to be concluded overnight so trains should run as normal on Wednesday 22 September.

However, problems returned on Saturday morning, 26 September.  The West Midlands Railway press office issued a warning at 05:50 with the headline “Reduced service on Snow Hill Lines following signalling fault” – the very same headline they had used on the 21st!

Making passengers aware of a special timetable during the period of disruption, West Midlands Railway commented: “The timetable will be similar to the one that operated on Monday and Tuesday this week (21 and 22 September) following similar serious signalling issue on the route.”

Jonny Wiseman,
West Midlands Railway.

Jonny Wiseman, customer experience director for West Midlands Railway, said: “We apologise to our customers whose journeys have been impacted by the signalling issues on our services via Birmingham Snow Hill this week, and it is unfortunate that we have had to respond to a second major signalling issue in as many days.

“Network Rail is working hard to repair the signals as quickly as possible but, in the meantime, we are only able to run a limited number of trains, so additional road transport is in operation.”

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