Runaway metro train caught by whale!

The accident happened just after midninght on 2 November 2020 after a train ran through buffers at De Akkers station.

In a bizarre accident, a metro train crashed through buffers at De Akkers station in Spijkenisse, on the outskirts of Rotterdam.

The station is at a high level but, rather than plunging eight metres down to the ground, the train’s driver found himself suspended up in the air. The train had come to rest lodged on the tail fin of a giant whale statue!

Despite damage to the front of the train, the driver was uninjured although he had some explaining to do!

The accident happened at around 00:30 on Monday 2 November 2020. The train was not carrying any passengers and the driver, though shocked, was uninjured.  However, he still had to help police with their enquiries.

Emergency services then had the problem of removing the stranded train.

Local photo and news agency 010fotograaf has reported that, due to the difficulty in accessing the stranded train, which is stuck on the statue and is suspended over water, operator RET (Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram) and the emergency services were undecided on how to remove it.

Images courtesy 010fotograaf / JBMedia

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