France supports high-speed trains over aviation

The French Government is to ban domestic flights that can be replaced by high-speed train services of under two and a half hours duration.

The French Government is part-way through passing a law that would ban short-haul domestic flights on routes where a high-speed train can do the trip in two and a half hours or less.

To an extent, this has already happened.  Trains replaced planes on the Paris to Brussels route years ago.

But now, to reduce emissions, the government is looking to make this a legal ban as part of the work of the Citizen’s Convention for the Climate. Article 36 of the Climate and Resilience Law will ban “air traffic on domestic flights where there is a low carbon alternative in less than 2h30”.

A Council of State decree will set the conditions under which adjustments to this ban will be made for air services that mainly provide connecting passenger transport or which offer mainly carbon-free air transport. In addition, work has been undertaken jointly by companies in the air and rail sector to improve the quality of the air/rail intermodal offering at airports equipped with TGV (high-speed train) stations

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