LNER reveals life ‘In the Driver’s Seat’

LNER's 'In the Driver's Seat' series of videos covers five sections of the company's route to the North.

London North Eastern Railway (LNER) is releasing a series of short videos that share a rare insight into the journeys driven by a selection of its train drivers.

The videos ‘In the Driver’s Seat’ take viewers on trips across the East Coast route from the spectacular Scottish Highlands and Northumberland coastline to Yorkshire and London, showcasing the scenery and destinations that LNER serves.

David Horne, LNER.

The videos include in-cab footage, while drivers share their own experiences with viewers, explaining more about their routes, pointing out places of interest and the important milestones, landmarks and destinations they pass.

Five drivers are featured in the series, which covers the 936-mile route from Inverness and Aberdeen to Edinburgh, North East England, Yorkshire and the East Midlands to London King’s Cross.

LNER managing director David Horne said: “LNER wants to inspire people as they look to plan ahead for the future by sharing some incredible views which really are the jewels in the crown of our route and who better to guide audiences through the journeys than some of our drivers.”

LNER ‘In the Driver’s Seat’ Episode 1 – London King’s Cross to Leeds with Zak Mohamed.

Zak Mohamed kicks off the series taking viewers on his regular route between London King’s Cross and Leeds. Zak said: “I just love my job and I am proud of what I do. It is fantastic to be able to share some of my knowledge and some of the views from my seat, so people can get a glimpse of what it’s like in the train cab from a driver’s perspective.”

LNER ‘In the Driver’s Seat’ Episode 2 – Doncaster to Newcastle with Ashley Simpson.

Ashley Simpson drives the leg from Doncaster to Newcastle, and he features in the second video of the series.

The following three episodes will cover

  • Newcastle to Edinburgh
  • Aberdeen to Edinburgh
  • Inverness to Edinburgh.

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