Renovation of Forth Bridge approach span gets underway

The Forth bridge's North Queensferry approach span is currently being refurbished by Balfour Beatty.

The North Queensferry approach span to the world famous Forth bridge is being refurbished and repainted by Balfour Beatty under a £7.5 million contract from Network Rail.

The project commenced in February 2021 with grit blasting work to remove layers of old paint from the approach to the 130-year-old structure.  Working in a bespoke encapsulated zone, engineers will then repaint the spans using the iconic Forth bridge red colour – a job that will not be required again for up to three decades after completion.

This is the latest stage of works on and around the iconic structure. Balfour Beatty also repainted the main Forth bridge, a decade-long project that was completed in 2011.

Repainting of the Forth bridge itself was completed in 2011.

Train services have not been disrupted during the work, which is expected to be completed early 2022.

Mark Wilson, Network Rail.

Network Rail project manager Mark Wilson said: “This is an exciting milestone in our project to refurbish the north approach span to the world famous Forth bridge.

“We have planned these works carefully to try and minimise possible disruption to the local community and railway users. Our investment in this work will not only ensure the bridge remains one of the most recognisable structures in the world but will be crucial in our efforts to maintain a safe and reliable railway for years to come.

“A key element to the work has been the engagement with the North Queensferry community, which sits underneath the north approach, and we would like to thank the community for their patience and understanding during this essential work.”

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