Underground COVID protest caught on camera

A man peels stickers off a London Underground train.

As the government delayed the planned ending of COVID-19 restrictions due to the spread of the new Delta variant, one popular posting on Twitter showed a man without a facemask peeling ‘Please keep your distance’ labels off the inside of an Underground train in apparent protest.

Caught on camera by Dave Gould, the man, identified later as Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour Party leader Jeremy, is seen removing a number of signs while muttering: “They didn’t keep their distance at the G7, did they?”

A man identified as Piers Corbyn removes COVID labels from an Underground train. (Dave Gould on Twitter)

At the time of writing, Dave Gould’s post has 5,785 ‘Likes’, 1,030 retweets and 508 ‘quote tweets’, with comments such as “Should be prosecuted for criminal damage” by Paul Gittings being typical.

One tweet was from British Transport Police: “We are aware of this incident and are currently investigating.”

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