New Merseyrail trains emerge into daylight

Merseyrail's new trains continue testing but this has now moved to daylight hours.

The new trains being introduced into the Merseyrail fleet can be seen running in daylight for the first time as testing switches to normal service hours from night-time running.

With more than 17,000 hours already on the clock, the seven trains already at Kirkdale depot will be put through their paces with dynamic testing taking place on the Northern Line, while the current trains are also running. All the new trains will be dynamically tested before they enter service.

Although the new trains will be stopping at every station, passengers are strongly reminded that they can’t board and should stand clear on platforms for safety reasons.

Steve Rotheram, Liverpool City Region.

Steve Rotheram, Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, said: “It’s fantastic to see that our new fleet of £500m publicly-owned trains are going on to the next phase of testing. I know people will be as excited as I am to get them on the tracks.

“These trains will be the most cutting edge and accessible anywhere in the country and a real statement of intent on the future of transport in our region.

“They are a key part of my vision for a London-style transport system that makes it quick, cheap and reliable for people to get about.”

The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is replacing the current 40-year-old fleet with new trains being purchased from Swiss manufacturer Stadler.

The publicly owned trains have been designed specifically for the Merseyrail network and are required to undergo a rigorous testing programme both here in the UK and at Stadler’s manufacturing plants in Switzerland and Germany.

Thousands of safety and performance tests are carried out to make sure the trains are ready for service covering every aspect of their design from the power supply and braking systems to digital passenger information boards and CCTV cameras.

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