About Rail Insider

Rail Insider is the new rail industry news, views and reports website for the UK. It aims to cover all the major stories, from train launches to passenger care and from engineering to government policy.

In addition, Rail Insider will carry the views and opinions of the people who matter in the industry. Readers will get to know how decisions are made, as well as what those decisions are.

Naturally, a lot of information comes from press releases, but, unlike many other so-called ‘news’ websites, these aren’t just reproduced verbatim but are researched and rewritten by our team of industry experts to give readers the complete story.

Always on the lookout for a good article, Rail Insider is open to contributions from anyone involved in rail at a high level, whether that be in the supply chain, operations or policy making.

So, we invite you to read Rail Insider, contribute to Rail Insider and, above all, enjoy Rail Insider!