Alstom reveals proposal for HS2 high-speed train

Alstom's proposed train for HS2.

Britain’s High Speed 2 (HS2) is out for tender for its first fleet of high-speed trains. These will have to be able to run not only on HS2’s own route from London to Birmingham and Crewe (and later Manchester and Leeds), but also on the classic rail network beyond that, with all the restrictions in gauge that implies.

As part of the tender process, Alstom has released the first image of its proposed train.

Nick Crossfield, managing director for Alstom in UK and Ireland, commented:  “Alstom’s vision is to make HS2 trains a timeless design classic, with a passenger experience that is as smooth, calm and spacious as it is high-speed.

“Alstom is excited to unveil this proposed train for HS2, which is the most important economic regeneration project in Britain for decades. It will knit together the great cities of the midlands and the north as never before, and turbo-charge our regional economies.”

The company has a good pedigree in high-speed rail. Alstom is:

  • The holder of the world speed record for high-speed rail, at 574 km/h;
  • The only rolling stock manufacturer to win high speed train contracts on four different continents, from Korea to Italy, Morocco to the US;
  • The manufacturer whose technology has been proven on everything from France’s first TGVs to the UK’s first very high-speed train, the original Eurostar e300;
  • The designer of a new generation of Avelia high speed trains including Avelia Liberty in the USA, Avelia Horizon in France and the Avelia AGV in Italy.

HS2 is expected to announce the winner of its rolling stock contract in 2020.

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