Siemens submits tender for HS2 trains

Siemens Mobility's proposed high-speed train for HS2.

Siemens Mobility has submitted its tender for the HS2 train contract, the winner of which is expected to be announced in Spring 2020.

It has also released the first graphic of its offering.

Siemens’ Velaro family of high-speed trains is already in operation in countries such as Spain, China, Russia, Germany and the UK, where its Eurostar e320 fleet runs at 320km/h.

In the UK, Siemens Mobility maintains the largest installed base of Siemens rolling stock in the world, with its 500+ trains clocking up over 65 million miles every year.

William Wilson, CEO of Siemens Mobility, said: “The submission of our tender to build and maintain trains for HS2 is a huge milestone for our business. Our team has worked tirelessly to develop an offer that transforms how passengers experience high speed trains and set the standard for other global high-speed rail systems to follow.”

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