Hull Trains names new £60m fleet ‘Paragon’

Artist's impression of one of Hull Trains' new Class 802 trains.

Open access operator Hull Trains has revealed its name for the new fleet of five Class 802 trains currently being built by Hitachi at Pistoia, Italy.

Hull Trains’ new fleet will be named Paragon.

The £60 million fleet will be named ‘Paragon’. It’s a fitting name that not only means ‘a model of excellence’, according to the Collins English Dictionary – as in ‘a paragon of virtue’ – but it also has a close connection with the city of Kingston upon Hull.

Paragon Street, named in 1802, runs past Hull City Hall. When a new station was built nearby in 1848, replacing  the original 1840 Manor House Street station, which thereafter became the goods depot, it was named Hull Paragon station, a name that lasted until 2007 when it became Paragon Interchange, combining the city’s train and bus stations.

Patrick Tobin, Hull Trains.

Naming the fleet Paragon was suggested by on-board experience manager Patrick Tobin and approved by the board after careful deliberations.

Hull Trains managing director Louise Cheeseman said: “To name our fleet after a station which has served the city we serve for so many years and stood the test of time seems very fitting.

“And the name Paragon aligns perfectly with Hull Trains’ core values of setting high standards, being accountable for performance, safety, continuous improvement and the commitment to its customers are at the heart of everything it does.

Louise Cheeseman, Hull Trains.

“Paragon will help our new trains stand out above the rest and show our customers we are committed to providing the best service, as our name now shows.”

Name a train!

Having had the fleet name suggested by a member of Hull Trains’ staff, passengers are being asked to suggest names for the trains themselves. Suggestions should celebrate everything that is good about Hull and celebrate Hull’s culture.

Anyone with a good idea should their suggestions and explanations to

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