RAIB investigates a near miss in southern Scotland.

Forward-pacing CCTV image of the near miss at Kirtlebridge on 14 November 2019.

A group of track workers on the West Coast main line in Scotland had a narrow escape when they just missed being struck by a train travelling at high speed.

The incident took place just south of Kirtlebridge in Dumfries and Galloway on 14 November 2019. At around 09:02, the group of track workers just managed to scramble clear of a Virgin Trains express travelling at around 125mph (200km/h). There were no injuries.

A recording of the near miss, taken from the cab of the train, is now in the hands of the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB), which has undertaken a preliminary examination into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Having assessed the evidence which has been gathered to date, RAIB has decided to publish a safety digest, which will be issued in due course.

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