Street artist thanks NHS with mural close to St Thomas’ Hospital

Lionel Stanhope's tribute to the NHS is under Waterloo East railway station, close to St Thomas’ Hospital.
Lionel Stanhope, street artist.

Street artist Lionel Stanhope has paid tribute to the nation’s NHS heroes with a mural on a railway arch in Southwark. It is on Cornwall Road, underneath Waterloo East railway station, round the corner from St Thomas’ Hospital.

“Network Rail saw a small version of this mural I had done just for myself and gave me the opportunity to do a much bigger version on a wall, to say thank you to all our incredible NHS staff,” he said. “The location means I can do the work and can still distance myself, so this is really the least I can do.

“I’m just painting at the end of the day, and there’s thousands of doctors and nurses who are doing incredible work saving lives, and this is for them.”

Artmongers added the rainbow to this footbridge in Brockley, south-east London.

This isn’t the only public art on Network Rail infrastructure in the area. Artmongers painted a mural on a footbridge in Brockley, depicting the NHS rainbow.  Lionel himself has produced a series of murals with Network Rail across South East London, in Hither Green, Brockley, Forest Hill and, most recently, in Charlton, bringing the total number of murals the company has completed in the area to 30.

Ed Burton, Network Rail.

Network Rail’s Eddie Burton works with communities across the region on using public art to improve railway arches, bridges and other locations. He said: “We’re really proud of our job carrying NHS workers to their jobs and our stations at Waterloo, Waterloo East and London Bridge are next to key hospitals in London.

“We hope seeing this gives our health workers a boost as we know what an unbelievable job they have been doing.”

Lionel Stanhope has undertaken a number of public art projects under railway bridges.

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