Clever Video – Mad World

While the world is locked down due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), some clever people with too much time on their hands have come up with novel ways to keep themselves, and others, entertained.

Rail Insider has shamelessly copied these from the web and presents them here for your entertainment. They are not particularly ‘rail’ in nature, but we did think they were clever and worthy of a wider audience. We hope you enjoy them.

Where we know the source, we will gladly credit it. If you have any comment to make, you can do so.

This time:

Mad World – Curt and Diva Smith

Not so much a ‘clever video’, but certainly one that is both evocative and reflects the strangeness of the current situation.

Curt Smith of ‘Tears for Fears’ sings his hit ‘Mad World with his daughter Diva from their lockdown in Los Angeles.

It’s a Mad World indeed…

Curt and Diva Smith from their home in Los Angeles.

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