Bristol signallers help with food deliveries to hospitals and the vulnerable

A team of Bristol signallers has been working with Hobbs House Bakery and Bristol Food Union to deliver food to the NHS and vulnerable people.

A team of signallers in Bristol has helped deliver more than 500 meals a week to hospitals and vulnerable people across the city during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

The signallers teamed up with Bristol Food Union, an informal collective of restaurants, local farmers, food retailers and community organisations that have come together during the pandemic to support Bristol City Council’s emergency food provision.

Network Rail’s signalling team has been assisting the Initiative by delivering fresh bakery supplies daily to the kitchens and then collecting the meals and distributing them to several locations, such as to vulnerable people and staff at hospitals, ensuring that those who are working relentlessly during this global pandemic receive a hot meal.

The Food Union has seen a 30 per cent increase in calls for support from the public and has continued to set up several commercial pop-up kitchens, utilising schools, leisure centres and restaurants in Bristol.

Plans are also now in place for the Network Rail team to move larger kitchen appliances, such as fridges and freezers, to new premises in order to meet the increasing demand.

Joanne Gardener, Network Rail’s programme manager for works delivery across Wales and Western, said: “I am proud and in awe of the commitment from the team to support the community, whilst everyone is also faced with the challenges of adapting to the pandemic.

Anna Herbert, Hobbs House Bakery.

“Due to Network Rail being able to move freely around the city, and with the fleet capacity to deliver the provisions, it has meant we can focus on providing the support to those individuals who need it.”

Anna Herbert, marketing director for Hobbs House bakery, which is part of the food union, added: “We are delighted to be sharing our bread where people most need it during this crisis and are grateful to all those on the front line that are helping us to take care of our communities.”

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