New helmet-mounted cough guard protects workers who can’t keep their distance

The new JSP Cough Guard clips to a safety helmet to protect wearers and colleagues.

Although many companies and industries are only now getting back to work after the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, the railway has continued to run, and be maintained, throughout.

Even so, railway companies are still developing their responses to the need for social distancing and enhanced protection if that isn’t possible. Sometimes, two engineers just have to work together to get a job done, in which case they must be protected.

To help with this, protective equipment manufacturer JSP has developed its new Helmet Mounted Cough Guard, an easy to fit screen which provides an extra layer of secondary protection against droplets and aerosols. It will reduce the likelihood of any exhaled airborne droplets directly contacting the wearer’s face and discourage the wearer from touching their eyes and face.

The only verified cough guard designed to fit both micro peak and standard peak helmet variants of the JSP Evolution® range of safety helmets, the JSP Cough Guard fits easily to the EVOLite®, EVO®2, EVO®3, EVO®4, EVO®5 and leaves the helmet accessory slots free for users to fit the JSP Sonis® range of helmet-mounted ear defenders. It is also compatible with the JSP range of respiratory products.

However, the Cough Guard is just that – a protection against the wearer being splashed by other people and also a protection for colleagues from the wearer. It is not PPE as defined by the EU PPE Regulation 2016/425 and does not meet the requirements of EN166 (including splash protection or impact protection), so it must be worn with primary safety eyewear or goggles.

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