Guardia European Train Control System (ETCS) approved for use in Poland

Driver's control desk of a Stadler Flirt train operated by Koleje Mazowieckie (KM), Poland.

Guardia, the ETCS (European Train Control System) signalling system developed by AngelStar, has been approved for use for the first time. It will be fitted to the five-car Stadler Flirt trains that Koleje Mazowieckie (KM) will operate in the Polish region Mazovia.

Five-car Stadler Flirt operated by KM, Poland.

AngelStar, the joint venture between Mermec and Stadler, has developed its ETCS baseline 3.4.0 automatic train protection system for these trains, which will operate at ETCS Levels 1, 2 and NTC (National Train Control).  The changeover between ETCS and the Polish national SHP (Samoczynne Hamowanie Pociągu) legacy system is fully dynamic, which means that the train doesn’t have to stop or even slow down.

Alexandre Grêt, Stadler Signalling.

Alexandre Grêt, CEO of Stadler Signalling, said: “We are very pleased about the first homologation of Guardia for regular operations, while the homologation processes in nine additional countries are proceeding positively.

“Together with AngelStar, we continue to work on multiple projects across Europe. This homologation is an important milestone for our joint-venture AngelStar and for the entire Stadler Group.

“Guardia puts Stadler in the position to deliver even more efficient high-quality trains to our customers.”

Ruggiero Delcuratolo, AngelStar.

Ruggiero Delcuratolo, CEO of AngelStar, said: “We are very satisfied about the milestone reached in such a short time and we continue to work hard for our further ambitious goals.”

Stadler entered the signalling business in 2016 in order to reduce its dependency on direct competitors.

Today, AngelStar, which is headquartered in Bari, Italy, works with Stadler Signalling, based in Wallisellen, near Zurich, to develop ETCS and other digital train protection systems.

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