Design of new metro trains for Singapore released

Bombardier's Movia metro design for Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit Lines.

The design of Bombardier Transportation’s latest metro trains for Singapore has been revealed.

The Movia metros, for two of Singapore’s longest Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines, will have red and green pulse lines running along the exterior carbody, providing a contemporary visual emphasis for passenger entry points.

The 106 six-car trains will boost capacity on the North-South and East-West Lines (NSEWL), which are a combined 102km in length with 59 stations and connect commuters all across Singapore.

Jayaram Naidu,
Bombardier Transportation.

Jayaram Naidu, Bombardier Transportation’s president of Southeast Asia, said: “Together with LTA, Bombardier is pleased to showcase our design for the NSEWL trains.

“For the last seven years, the performance of our proven MOVIA metros has been moving millions of passengers on the Downtown Line making their daily commute greener, quieter and safer than ever before.

 “We are looking to further collaborate with LTA to introduce our globally game-changing metro trains to help enhance the travel experience, reduce energy consumption and improve rail reliability in Singapore.

“With 636 metro cars ordered for this project, this will bring the number of MOVIA vehicles in Singapore to 912, making it one of Bombardier’s largest metro fleets in the world.”

The new trains will be fitted with a Train Control Monitoring System (TCMS) that will provide extensive diagnostics of the trains and optimise track maintenance by analysing track conditions.

The new vehicle interior features more open spaces for wheelchairs and pushchairs, supporting LTA’s vision of a more inclusive public transportation system.

Bombardier is responsible for design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, testing, commissioning and delivery of the new trains, which are scheduled to enter passenger service from 2022. The company will also be responsible for service and maintenance of the 636 cars under a separate service contract it was awarded in September 2020.

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