How to wear your face mask, and why

PD Leia of the Greater Manchester Police shows how not to wear a face mask and the correct way, covering the nose and mouth.

With everyone having to wear a face covering in stations, on trains and in shops, Rail Insider has called upon one of Greater Manchester Police’s crack units to demonstrate to the public how to wear their face masks correctly.

Police Dog Leia’s job is to protect people, so she’s taking the lead in demonstrating how everyone can be like her and protect those around them by knowing how to wear a face covering correctly.

  • DON’T wear it around your neck or under your chin;
  • DON’T wear it on top of your head as a hat;
  • DO cover both your nose and mouth as that offer the best protection to people around you.
The latest Hidden Disabilities lanyards now show
an exemption from face coverings.

And don’t forget, you don’t wear a mask to protect yourself – you wear it to protect everyone else from your coughs, sneezes and general breathing that could otherwise spread your saliva around as an aerosol.

It is everyone else wearing their masks that protects you.  So, anyone not wearing a mask is putting you at risk, not themselves.

Of course, they may be exempt from wearing them. People with breathing difficulties, asthma and even some mental problems can be medically exempt. Don’t challenge anyone not wearing a mask, though if they have a proper exemption they should wear a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower badge or similar sign to reassure people.  Just make sure that you stay two metres clear of them at all times.

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