Depot extension at Exeter nears completion

The extension to GWR's depot at Exeter Old Views is nearing completion.

The extension to Great Western Railway’s train depot at Old Views in Exeter is nearing completion.

The new £40 million three-road facility, being built by Hochtief, is located on a brownfield site adjacent to the existing depot and St David’s station. It includes a carriage wash and will enhance operational and maintenance capacity, helping to service the new and updated trains being introduced to the region.

Dan Okey, GWR.

GWR’s head of commercial development Dan Okey explained: “With brand new electric trains coming to suburban London services and bi-mode Intercity Express Trains on the mainline in Devon and Cornwall, this will allow us to move part of our existing regional fleet to Exeter – providing more carriages, and more frequent services, to the area.”

In preparation for the depot receiving its first trains, Hochtief and Sheffield-based Mechan have worked together to design, build and install two 10-tonne powered turntables on roads leading to the depot’s bogie workshop and stores, to be used to transfer bogies between roads or to turn wheelsets around.

They have also installed a set of twelve 15-tonne lifting jacks, which can lift more than one vehicle type, to provide access to the underside of a train, without decoupling, saving valuable servicing time.

Lindsey Mills, Mechan.

Lindsey Mills, Mechan’s sales manager, said: “We have been involved in this project from an early stage, as Hochtief was keen to source the right products for its client. As we hadn’t worked together before, we had to go through the supplier approval process, but once it was complete, we enjoyed an excellent relationship and it is now great to see our equipment in action.”

Hochtief’s M&E project manager, Dan Joyce, added: “I have worked with Mechan in different roles for years and I think its products are great. The team’s knowledge is unsurpassed and a valuable addition to any infrastructure project of this size. With the firm’s help, we have ensured the new depot is furnished with the very latest, safest equipment that will continue to serve it faithfully for years to come.”

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